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Paolina Allan - Co-Head Coach / Co-Owner

Like the Energizer Bunny, Paolina Allan just… keeps… going! In almost every race she has done over the years, whether as a competitive age grouper or professional, she has been on the podium – and she’s never had a DNF! Along the way she has finished in the top 5 of several Ironman Races across North America – including 2nd at Ironman Canada, 4th at Ironman Wisconsin and 5th at Ironman Lake Placid. She has qualified for the Ironman World Championships four times and raced in Hawaii twice.


You might hear a wee Scottish accent when she talks, but she’s all Canadian. In fact, she’s been named both Triathlon Canada’s and Triathlon Ontario’s Elite Long Distance Triathlete of the year in the past.


With her stellar athletic resume and proven track record of success as a coach, Paolina is experienced and determined, and always smiling when she crosses the finish line!


Paolina's Approach to Coaching:

When you focus on the longer races, beyond the obvious fitness required, tenacity and perseverance are key, and I never quit! And I coach and encourage my athletes to do the same. Individualization is crucial, and I work with each of my athletes to make sure their program is custom tailored to suit their needs.

Coaching & Athletic Achievements:

NCCP Trained Triathlon Coach

NCCP Level 1 Swim Coach

Certified TRX Instructor
Pro cyclist

#1 Ranked Everester

Masters Track Cycling 2km Pursuit - Canadian Record Holder
Elite level competitive triathlete
Triathlon Canada Elite Long Distance Triathlete of the Year
Triathlon Ontario Elite Long Distance Triathlete of the Year

2nd Overall Woman, 9th Overall - 2014 Barrelman Triathlon
1st Overall - 2014 Centurion Cycling Canada C100
5th Overall, 2nd Woman - 2014 Centurion Cycling Canada C100 King of the Mountain
3rd Overall - 2014 Welland Long Course Swim/Bike
5th Overall Woman - 2009 Ironman Lake Place
4th Overall Woman - 2009 Around The Bay
4th Overall Woman - 2006 Ironman Wisconsin
2nd Overall Woman - 2005 Ironman Canada

Member of the Aurora Sports Hall of Fame

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