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Muskoka Training Day - Saturday June 8, 2024


No matter your fitness level, this one-day clinic is for you. You'll get a highly productive and fun day of training. While this is ideal if you are racing Muskoka 70.3 or you can also utilize this training day to put a spark to any of your early season races or to simply get a quality training day with other awesome and passionate athletes.

Meeting Location: Canada Summit Centre, 20 Park Dr, Huntsville, ON P1H 1P5

Start Time: Prepare for a 9am start. The full agenda will be sent to all particants prior to our day of fun.

Swim - In Fairy lake. Get an overview of the swim course. What's the best warm up? Practice drills and techniques. Sighting tips. Practice swim starts, where do you position yourself? How to exit the swim and remove the wetsuit as quickly as possible!








Transition - As the bike will start on a hill, you are going to practice how to jump on the bike, which gear to have ready and how to get rolling. We will practice bottle hand offs as you would in the race, and how to corner at the turn around.


Bike - The bike course is a non-stop rolling course. Learn how to ride and choose your gears accordingly. How to approach a hill? How to read the road? How to pass another rider? How to keep your head in the game when the bike gets tough. Fully supported sag wagon on the bike course with 2 certified cycling coaches.

Bike Maintenance - We will go over some basic bike maintenance, what to look for. How to Change a flat tire in record time! Lubing your chain, checking brake pads//cleats, etc. and more.







Run - Optional Short run off the bike.

Nutrition Fuel Support - Assorted F2C Nutrition products, water, cola, and a selection of fruit, bars, and other treats.

Want to stay overnight?

That's up to you. There are many hotels in the surrounding area to choose from. 

Coaches Paolina & Roger bring over 45 years of combined racing and coaching experience to the table and know this course inside and out.

COST OF CLINIC:  $75 (plus HST)  / $35 (plus HST) for Coached Athletes.

* Sanctioned by Triathlon Ontario.


To make your reservation or to get more information, contact us.

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