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STAC Virtual Wind Tunnel

The STAC Virtual Wind Tunnel provides you with real, analysis-based feedback and recommendations based on your current bike position and equipment choices.


By manipulating a 3D model of you, STAC can run true apples-to-apples comparisons of any number of configurations and positions, giving you confidence in your setup.

STAC's VWT results have consistently been within 2% of actual wind tunnel results which is an extremely costly and often unattainable experience.

* How Does A Virtual Wind Tunnel Make You Faster? - FLO Cycling Podcast


We do a scan of you in your gear and on your bike.

We send the data to STAC to process utilizing an aerospace-grade computational fluid dynamics simulation, they analyze the results and send you back a full report which includes CdA results, performance impact metrics and recommendations.


$250 plus HST ($282.50)

** Includes 1 baseline scan plus 4 position adjustments. 

** Includes us conveniently travelling to you (price subject to change depending on location in the GTA).

** Group rates available.

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