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  • Utilizing the TriDot Platform, you will receive a customized and continually optimized training program with detailed daily workouts based on your training data.

  • In addition, the TriDot analytics monitor and adjust training to ensure ongoing maximum performance while maintaining athlete health and recovery.

  • As your coach, we will monitor and adjust workouts as needed based on your performance and/or post workout feedback.

  • Weekly athlete initiated communication via email or phone/video call.

  • Monthly Team Video Call.

  • Plan Unlimited Races.

  • RaceX PERFORMANCE Included.

  • Dynamic training zones.

  • Drill and exercise videos.

  • Physiogenomix (Analysis & Optimization).

  • Environment Normalization.

  • TrainX Scoring.

  • Swim form analysis & Swim drill optimization.

  • Training volume preference.

  • Set preferred day off. Set preferred 'long' days

  • Strength sessions

  • Daily workout emails. Calendar sync (iCal)

  • Race planning, pacing, nutrition & execution strategies.

  • Private Facebook Group to connect with PR Endurance Training Athletes. and Coaches.

  • Ironman TriClub Program - access to great perks such as early entry to events.

  • Discounts on: selected PR Endurance Training Services, the Best Coolest Gear, and Exclusive Sponsor products/services.

  • No Startup Fee!

Use TriDot On Your Own

Use TriDot on your own (prices range from $14.99 to $149) and join us for full coaching services when you are ready or utilize periodic coaching consultations to access our expertise with your training program.

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