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PR Endurance Training Triathlon Club - The PR SQUAD

An option for athletes who want to be a part of the PR Endurance Training Family, and who desire a program to follow along with group support and interaction. 

The Details

COST: $80/month + HST


1. A Group Training Plan

- Updated monthly, Workouts will be geared towards boosting your fitness, skills and durability.

- While not customized or necessarily geared towards a specific event, you will have the fitness to complete a Sprint to Olympic Distance event.

- Workouts will have options for you to self adjust according to your own personal needs.

- You will need a HR monitor and/or Power meter to make best use of this plan.

- When ready to train for a specific event, you can purchase a training program with coaching support, or opt for our Performance 1, 2 or 3 option for a customized plan geared totally for you.

2. Weekly Live Workouts

- minimum of 1 core/strength, 2 bike, 1 run live online coach led workouts that are available for viewing and executing afterwards at your convenience. 

- outdoor workouts will be added during the summer.

3. Weekly Q & A Session with the Coaches

- topics will be presented each week and all athlete questions answered via private Facebook Group.

- sessions will be available for viewing at any time.

4. Club Challenges/Contests

- friendly competitions to help keep you extra motivated and to score some prizes!

5. Sponsor Perks/Discounts

* If you require more one on one contact and program customization, you can purchase a Consultation at $75/hr.

* Are you part of a group training for the same event? We can customize this option for your group. 

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