We are the place for you if you are an athlete:


  with goals to accomplish.

  looking for experienced and proven coaching.

  in need of a custom-made plan built around your life.

  wanting structure, motivation, and ongoing feedback.

  searching for improvements in performance.

  ready to put in the hard work but still have fun.

  requiring a team dedicated to your health and success.



Head Coaches Paolina Allan & Roger Hospedales have an unmatched triathlon racing and coaching experience of over 40 years, along with the unrivaled passion to help empower you to your best performance.


Both have raced in Kona, completed over 35 Ironman races, have won races and amassed numerous podium placings, and most importantly, have successfully coached their athletes to achieve their own triumphs.


All levels of ability and needs are welcome.


We work with triathletes and duathletes who race all distances, single sport athletes (swim, bike, or run) and even hockey players, tennis players, badminton players, and gymnasts who are looking to improve their strength, speed or endurance.


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"When you focus on the longer races, beyond the obvious fitness required, tenacity and perseverance are key, and I never quit! I coach and encourage my athletes to do the same. Individualization is crucial, and I work with each of my athletes to make sure their program is custom tailored to suit their needs." - Paolina Allan

"I focus on the athlete/coach relationship and maintaining strong communication to ensure we are in sync to successfully achieve your goals. All workouts have a purpose, and are carefully crafted into your plan to achieve maximum efficiency and benefit. You will not be training to have an impressive training log, but you will be training to have your best race day performance." - Roger Hospedales


With the advice of some friends I decided to ask ‘Coach Roger’ to help me get in shape to kick some butt at my first Ironman in Mont-Tremblant. Roger’s workouts (especially the bike workouts) challenged me to become a stronger athlete, and were balanced appropriately so that I could keep going week after week. Not only did his workouts make a big difference, but he gave me confidence in my race plan, and various tips and tricks that as a first time Ironman I would have never known. No surprise with his help I completed the race within my goal time, while still able to eat a couple rounds of poutine at the finish line  Roger has a serious approach, balanced with a great sense of humour, which makes him very easy to work with. I HIGHLY recommend working with Roger if you want to complete your next race full of confidence and well above your expectations.


I asked Roger to coach me because he is a beast on the bike and has such a wealth of experience in the sport of triathlon. Roger provided me with personalized workout schedules that were designed to my specific needs and that maximized the limited training time I had. Roger consulted with me on a weekly basis via email and in person when needed. Each swim, bike and run workout was specific to me and the plans were adjusted based on how I was doing at the time. Over the 14 months he coached me, I did a sprint distance tri, two half-Ironman distance tri’s, and the inaugural Mont-Tremblant Ironman in 2012 – which I completed with a time of 10:56. For my first Ironman, I was really happy with that result. Roger was the key to my personal success as he provided me with the tools I needed with his knowledge, guidance and understanding.


I approached this season with several goals – to achieve a personal best on my second Ironman triathlon and specifically, to improve my bike split. Roger’s training plan was flexible with my changing schedule and workouts were balanced in variety, volume and intensity. Roger’s coaching brought my biking skills to the next level over the season with a training plan that was easy to follow and that kept me feeling like my training was progressing. He utilizes an online program, which made tracking workouts easy and the opportunity to get instant feedback was a great to keep me motivated and on track. Last week, I improved my Ironman bike split by 27 minutes and achieved a race PB of 13 minutes!


I had gone into my 2013 Ironman season fully undertrained and with less than 6 weeks remaining. I was in panic mode. I asked Roger if he could help me with my upcoming race. He agreed. In that short period of time I was able to get my cycling legs back, plus go faster compared to any other season. Roger listened to my needs and created a plan specific to my racing goals. My running speed has never been faster during the training season, which really gave that much needed positive attitude that I lacked. His feedback throughout my training was invaluable and needed just at the right moments. Roger gave me the confidence I needed going into my 6th Ironman and for that, I’m eternally grateful. I can’t wait to work with him again!


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