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Keep Charging Forward

We hope to gather like this again soon. #strongertogether

With races being postponed and cancelled each week, it's certainly a disappointing and challenging time for all of us in the endurance world.

However, we have chosen to not waste time and mental energy on things we can't control, instead we will stay positive and look at this as an opportunity to get even stronger and faster for when the races return.

Here are some of the things you can do to keep our eyes on the prize:

1. Re-focus and Keep training

It’s unfortunate that races are cancelled or postponed, but life is not over. In fact, utilize this bonus time to improve

weaknesses, and to build endurance, strength, and durability to be at your best when you are able to race again. Also, keeping the training going is just a smart thing to do in terms of maintaining physical and mental well-being.

2. Challenge Yourself and Have Fun

To keep the motivation going, create your own challenges to conquer (ie: run a 5km PR, ride 7 days in a row, etc.), or take part in the many Virtual Racing options available. We have many athletes taking part in the Ironman VR series, either just for completion and the chance to win draw prizes, or to test themselves during each segment to throw down some PR's. You've worked hard, so showcase your fitness, and celebrate your accomplishments and lifestyle on social media to inspire others.

3. Connect with a Group

We are stronger together, so don’t do this all alone. You will enjoy this a whole lot more with others. We are fortunate that the #teamprendurancetraining squad is supported by our coaches, along with our athletes supporting each other. Within that framework, we offer one one one chats, group chats, virtual group races and rides on apps like Zwift and Rouvy (featuring courses from the MultiSport Canada Triathlon Series), Zoom cycling classes, private Facebook Page, Strava, and connect with each other on social media.

4. Have a Plan

As outlined in point #1, use this extra time to improve yourself, and to stay physically and mentally fresh. Maintaining some day to day structure is important for that, and following a training plan will make effective use of your time. If you are not quite ready for one on one personal coaching, following pre-made plans is another option. Check out our Household/Jailhouse Lockdown Programs available on Final Surge and Training Peaks.

We are passionate about helping athletes reach their goals, so I invite you to reach out to us at any time, as we try to get through this together.

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