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Saddle Up for the TT Tour de MultiSport Canada

We invite you to take a lunch break and to join us on Rouvy for TT Tour de MultiSport Canada, a perfect companion to the newly released MSC Distance Challenge. Race courses feature past and present day race from MultiSport Canada Triathlon/Duathlon Series. If you can‘t make the 12 noon start time, you can still join the race late. It’s just that your final finish time in the event will be based on the 12 noon start. ie: start at 12:05pm, and you’ll be 5 minutes behind those that started at 12 noon. Come and earn your Gold, Silver or Bronze. TT Tour de MSC/PR Endurance Training - Race 1 Tuesday June 30, 2020 @ 12 noon EST 19.4 km on the Toronto Island Course TT Tour de MSC/PR Endurance Traini

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