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3 Things: Our Favourite F2C Nutrition Products

We've been strong supporters and users of F2C Nutrition products for several years. The products are science driven, reliable (high quality ingredients and it's tested for banned substances), and are proudly Canadian. We love a lot more than just 3 of their offerings but if we only had to pick 3, these are the selections.

One --> Hydra-Durance. Perfect for workouts 90 minutes or less (which fits the bill for most athletes) to quickly support your hydration needs, while providing electolytes. It's low caloric content of 40 calories, also makes it handy for race week or day to day use to keep your electrolyte stores topped up.

Two --> Glyco-Durance. The prime endurance fuel for anyone doing a 70.3 or Ironman. With glyco-durance, you are getting a fast absorbing carbohydrate source (from potato and rice), no sugars, along with electrolytes. You are able to customize your intake (using whatever number of scoops needed, adding more electrolytes, or using Glyco-durance Raw which has no electrolytes, so you can ensure your exact intake of electrolyes). Also, of further benefit is the ability to create "Super Bottles" of a concentrated mix that you can carry on your bike and run to fully support your needs for the race. These can frozen utilized without issue thanks to the lack of sugar content.

Three --> Rehab Recovery. If you suffer from pain in your joints, whether chronic or it happens after particularly hard workouts, or recovering from an injury, this stuff will seem magical in the way that it works to ease that pain. In a testimonial from one of our athletes who is an avid tennis player, they were convinced about product after taking it post match and reaping the benefits of being able to play back to back days without issue. Prior to taking it, they would have to take multiple days off to let their upper body soreness and inflamation die down before playing again. But the only way to know is to try it, and we suggest that you do.

PS: Paolina really loves Endurance 5:1 as her endurance fuel. But that doesn't count as 4 things ; )


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