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Ride MultiSport Canada Courses on Rouvy

We've created bike courses on Rouvy based on the various bike courses from the MultiSport Canada Triathlon/Duathlon Series over the years, and found a few too. We figured we’d put them all in one place so it’s easily found.

Ride and Enjoy!

* NOTE: We named the courses with the distances in the title for convenient reference, however, some of the distances in the named course changed slightly after uploading to Rouvy and we can‘t change it once there.

Toronto Island 9.69km

Toronto Island 19.4km

Welland 20.19km

Welland 56.47

Woodstock 20.18km

Welland 56.62km

Belwood 29.9km

Bala Falls 31.12km

Binbrook 28.98km

Huronia 20.03km

Gravenhurst 39.64km

Gravenhurst 40.4km

Wasaga 39.83km

Wasaga 19.92km

Wasaga 20.58km

Wasaga 20.17km

Bracebridge 39.7km

Bracebridge 21.01

Kingston 30.15km

Lakeside 20.07

Barrelman 88.78

Barrelman 91.6km

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