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Why should you do your Kick Sets?

By Paolina Allan

Why should you do that Kick Set at your Masters Swim session or when you coach prescribes for you in a swim workout?

Swimming is a full body activity, not just your arms swinging around. Thinking you need to "save' your legs for the bike/run of a Triathlon, is not the most ideal way to generate speed and get to the finish line quicker.

1. Kicking will help you with body alignment in the water, also mind body connection.

2. Learning to kick properly can help to actually eliminate drag - we spend so much time on the bike dialing this in - think of this in the water too with your legs. Having too much bend at the knees or legs flailing out to the side when you take a breath - are easy to correct with some drills and patience and practice.

3. You will move through the water faster with an efficient kick.

4. At each swim session spend time on your Flutter kick (freestyle kick). When using a kick board, place your hands at the top of the board, with your arms straight. You also want to be looking straight ahead - think of this as a free core workout session too. kick with intention, initiate the kick from your hips all the way down to your foot...Not from the knees dows. Kick sets should be raising your heart rate!

5. Don't be afraid to just have a kick set workout - this will turn you into a monster kicker.

Here is one of our favourites.

Easy 10 minutes warm up

20 x 25 with fins + Board on X time - you want to be getting 10" rest

50 choice easy swim

20 x 25 Fins no board hands extended straight out in front//streamline, hands stacked on top of each other - head lifts up to the front to breath. try not to let go of the hands! rest 10-15"

50 choice easy

20 x 50 Kick with Board only on 1 minute. if you need a little more rest take it so that you can get some speed into the kick.

Cool down easy


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