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3 Things: About Triathlon - Part 2

One --> Our First Podcast of 2022. We invite you to listen to our second athlete chat with Kim Lewis, an athlete who just entered the world of triathlon one year ago.

Two --> What it takes. In the abovementioned podcast, triathlon legends, Lori Bowden, and Peter Reid are mentioned. That triggered the memory about the existence of this insightful documentary that features, Bowden, Reid, Heather Fuhr, and Luke Bell. It was released 16 years ago, so likely just available on DVD, but hard core triathletes should love this.

Three --> Practice changing a flat tire. Yes, it is winter for most of you reading this, but there's never a bad time to practice this in order to sharpen or skills and bring that completion time down. Not only will it help you get on your way faster in case a flat occurs during a race, but on group rides you can reduce the delay for your group or help someone else out so you can resume the ride quicker. Less than five minutes is pretty good, but can you change yours in 2 minutes or less? With practice you can.


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